New To New Mexico? Welcome To The Land Of Enchantment!

Did you recently move to New Mexico? If so, welcome to the Land Of Enchantment. Here you will find southern hospitality like no other! Just a heads up, you will hear the phrase “Red or Green?” a lot… they’re referring to the type of chile on your food.

Moving can sometimes be a headache, especially if you have a big family, multiple vehicles, and property. Unpacking, decorating your new home, and settling down are just the beginning of your new journey. At one point or another, you will have to update your Drivers License, Vehicle Title, and Vehicle Registration. But how can you do that if you are a new resident of New Mexico, with little to no documentation in your name?

This is where MVD Now can help! MVD Now offers all of the services that you will find at regular state-operated MVD (DMV in some states). What sets MVD Now apart is its convenience, customer service, and speed. As we mentioned earlier, southern hospitality is a real thing here!

MVD Now can help you transfer your Driver’s License to New Mexico

The first thing that you will most likely need to transfer will be your Driver’s License. This form of ID is necessary for pretty much everything. You will need it if you make changes to your bank account. You will need it when you travel, or when you get pulled over. Your Drivers License is needed when you register your children at school, or when you fill out a lease agreement. We can all agree that having an updated Driver’s License is necessary. But transferring your license to New Mexico can sometimes be a hassle. Why? Well… because you have not lived here for long. You probably do not have many documents that prove where you live. MVD Now can work with you to help you find documents that are acceptable for your License transfer.

When transferring your License, you will have two options to choose from. You can opt for a REAL ID which is what MVD Now suggests. This type of license is valid for federal purposes such as flying domestically or entering federal buildings. You might already have a REAL ID License issued by the state you moved from, but just keep in mind that you will have to provide all of the documents all over again for the REAL ID. Because of its security features, you are not able to transfer a REAL ID from state to state without proving your identity, name, age, federal identification number, and local residency. This checklist below will help you gather all of the required documents for a REAL ID. The same documents apply when transferring a state-issued REAL ID Identification Card. You can also find more information about this process by visiting our Drivers License Services Page.

Option two is a Standard Driver’s License that is not valid for federal purposes. This Driver’s License will allow you to legally drive, but you will need a federally compliant form of ID when flying domestically, entering federal buildings, or military bases. The Standard Driver’s License is an option when you need a Driver’s License on the fly but you do not have all of the required documents for a REAL ID. This checklist below will help you gather all of the required documents for a Standard Driver’s License. The same documents apply when transferring a state-issued Identification Card. You can also find more information by visiting our Drivers License Services Page.


MVD Now can help you transfer your vehicle title and registration

MVD Now can also help you transfer your Vehicle Title and Registration into New Mexico. This process is usually done after you have transferred your Drivers License, but it is not mandatory. You can still use your Out-Of-State Drivers License along with two proofs of New Mexico Residency to process your vehicle transfer.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the Title and Registration transfer process. If you are the outright owner of the vehicle, you should have the Out-Of-State Title in your possession. If you do not, don’t worry. Some states only have what is called an “Electronic Title”, which means that the title only exists in their MVD system and no physical copy was printed. Unfortunately, New Mexico does not accept electronic titles. A physical title will be required. You can contact your state’s Motor Vehicle Department and apply for a physical copy of the title. You will also have to perform this same “reprinting” process if you have misplaced your title or it was stolen.


If your vehicle is being financed, then most likely you do not have possession of the title. In this case, you will come into any MVD Now office and we will perform a “Lien Request”. This process involves MVD Now requesting the official Vehicle Title from your bank or finance company.  Once the title arrives in our office, MVD Now will contact you so that you can come in with the remaining paperwork to transfer your title. In the meantime, you will receive an official MVD document stating that you are undergoing the “Lien Request” process and that you are able to drive your vehicle temporarily for 30 days.

You will receive your License Plate and Vehicle Registration the same day that you process your Title Transfer. You can find more information on the Title and Registration process in our “Out-Of-State Title and Registration Services” drop-down tab. Just a heads up, some states require that you return your old license plates. Check to see if this applies to your situation, the last thing you want is a hefty fine from a place where you no longer live.

If you have any questions about this article, or if you need clarification, please feel free to contact MVD Now at (505) 341-2683. Our friendly MVD agents are ready to help answer any question that you may have!