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WHAT IS A Handicap (Parking) Placard?


A New Mexico Handicap Parking Placard allows you to park a vehicle in a handicap-designated parking space for easier access to buildings and businesses. These parking spaces are marked with a white and blue wheelchair diagram. A handicap parking placard is typically a blue placard with the ability to be placed on a rearview mirror. The placard will include the placard number, an expiration date, and a photograph of the parking placard recipient. You are able to use this handicap parking placard in all 50 states, and US territories.


In New Mexico, you are able to apply for two types of handicap parking placards. A Permanent Handicap Placard and a Temporary Handicap Placard. Here are the differences:

  • Permanent Handicap Placard –  A permanent placard expires four years from the date it was issued. Once approved for use of a permanent placard, you are not required to provide further medical information. Only permanent placards can be renewed.
  • Temporary Handicap Placard –  A temporary placard may be issued for up to one year based on a physician’s statement attesting to a temporary mobility limitation. Temporary placards can not be renewed. Once the placard expires, you need to reapply.

Once you apply for a handicap parking placard, you will receive a temporary printout of your placard that is valid for 45 days. You will need to display this printout on your dashboard until you receive your physical placard in the mail. All placards are printed and mailed by the State of New Mexico.

Currently, the printing facility is facing supply shortages in materials needed to print the official blue placards. Your physical placard will be mailed as soon as the printing facility can complete your order. In the meantime, you can use your temporary printout. If your temporary printout expires, you can request an extension from the office where you processed your placard.

We understand that many scenarios may impact your handicap parking placard application process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 505-341-2MVD, or email us. We will be more than happy to assist you in the process.


Our goal at MVD Now is to save you the headache and stress that comes with applying for a handicap parking placard. We understand that you are busy, that time is valuable and limited, and that the last thing you want to do is wait in line. That’s why we want to help you make one quick trip to the MVD. Only 1 form is needed when applying for your placard. This form is used to apply for your first-time placard, for a placard renewal, and for a placard replacement. Below are the instructions for each scenario.

  • First-Time Handicap Parking Placard Application – MVD Form 10383 will need to be filled out by your physician. Sections A, B, C, and D of the form need to be completed before applying for your placard. (Download MVD Form 10383 Here)
  • Handicap Parking Placard Renewal Application – You can fill out MVD Form 10383 on your own. Sections A, B, and E of the form need to be completed before applying for your placard. We can even help you fill out this form in our office. (Download MVD Form 10383 Here)
  • Handicap Parking Placard Replacement Application – You can fill out MVD Form 10383 on your own. Sections A, B, and E of the form need to be completed before applying for your placard. We can even help you fill out this form in our office. (Download MVD Form 10383 Here)

You will have to take a new picture in our office every time you apply for a first-time placard, placard renewal, or placard replacement.


Here at MVD Now, we want to make your MVD visit as seamless as possible. Walk-ins are welcome, but we encourage you to schedule an appointment so you can guarantee zero wait time. There are two ways you can schedule an appointment. You can call us at 505-341-2MVD and we can schedule your appointment and also verify your documents over the phone. You also have the option of scheduling your own appointment through our online scheduler. If you schedule online, one of our MVD agents will call you to verify your documents before your appointment date. This will ensure that you bring all the necessary documents and prevents the dreaded “multiple trip” headache.

When you arrive at any of our offices, you will be greeted by a friendly MVD agent at the front door. They will help you check in for your appointment, verify your documents, and answer any questions that you may have. One of our other MVD agents will promptly assist you, take your picture, and process your transaction. Once completed, we collect payment and you are on your way! MVD Now also partners with local charities throughout the year. Currently, we are working with Make-A-Wish New Mexico. You have the option of rounding your MVD total to the nearest dollar or donating any other amount to this great foundation. Our goal is to deliver the most secure, efficient, professional, and friendly MVD services in town.


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