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Affidavit For Ignition Interlock License

Affidavit For Reinstatement Of Drivers License

Affidavit for Year-of-Manufacture Plate

Affidavit Of Claiming Successor

Affidavit Of Correction

Affidavit Of Gift

Affidavit of New Mexico Residency of Applicant under Age 18

Affidavit of Non-Receipt

Affidavit of Non-Use of Vehicle

Affidavit Of One And The Same Name

Affidavit of Out of State Vehicle Insurance

Affidavit Of Repossession

Affidavit Of Resale

Affirmation Certifying Ownership

Affirmation For Specially Constructed Or Reconstructed Vehicle

Application for 4-H Special Plate

Application for Active Duty Military Service Members Registration Plate

Application for Blood Donor Recognition Special Plate

Application for Collegiate Registration Plate

Application For Dealer Dismantler License

Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title

Application for Farm and Ranch Heritage Special Plate

Application for IFTA License Renewal

Application For IFTA License Renewal

Application for Mobility Limitation (HP) License Plate

Application For Non-Repairable Certificate

Application For Vehicle Title And Registration

Application For Vessel Title And Registration

Bill Of Sale

Bond Company Verification Form

Certificate Of Facts

Certificate Of Transfer Without Probate

Certification Of Employment Self Employment Or School Attendance

Change Of Address Request Form

Change of Equity Certification

Commercial Driver Licensing Medical Examination Certification

Confidential Records Release

Confidential Records Release

Dealer Applicant Affidavit

Dealer Applicant Information

Dealer Place Of Business Affidavit

Driver Certification for Issuance of a CDL Permit or License

Drivers License Restoration

Drivers License Surrender Form

Driving School Record of Completion

Financial Responsibility Request For Hearing

Foreign National Documents Checklist

Gender Designation Change Request

Handicap Placard

Horseless Carriage Certification

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Instructions

IFTA Quarterly Tax Return Instructions

IFTA States Fuel Computation Worksheet

IFTA States Fuel Computation Worksheet

Inspection Certification Of Dealer Or Dismantler Place Of Business

License or Permit Data Record

Limited Durable Power Of Attorney

Manufactured Home Tax Status Certification

Medical Report

Medical Report on Applicant Requesting Waiver to Drive Commercial Vehicle

NCIC Certificate Of Clearance

NCIC Request

New Mexico IFTA Decal Request

New Mexico IFTA Decal Request

Notice of Additional Requirements to Complete Vehicle/Vessel Transaction

Notice Of Mechanics Or Landowners Lien

Notice Of Owner Retained Vehicle

Notice of Vehicle Sold

Odometer Disclosure Statement

Passenger Bus Certification

Point System Regulations And Schedule

Release Of Lien

Request for Hearing

Request For Hearing

Request For Opthalmologic Of Optometric Information

Request For Refund

Review Of 10 Year Revocation Interlock Compliance

Road Test Score Record

Salvage Vehicle Or Vessel Notification

Salvage Vehicle or Vessel Notification

Special Title Procedures For Mechanics, Landlords, Storage Or Abandoned Vehicle Lien Process

Special Title Procedures For Towing Lien Process

Vehicle Certification

Vehicle Dealer Or Dismantler Bond

Vehicle Equipment Affirmation

VIN Correction Request

Weight Distance Tax Return – Long Form